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How to prolong the sexual act.

I frequently hear as a complaint, men thinking that they have the orgasm too fast. And many want to find a solution to this. Causes may vary from simple facts, such as a new partner or a different place, to behavioral disorders, such as rapid ejaculation.

And for the men who wish to prolong the sexual act, postponing the orgasm, we can improve it, using medicines and suggesting some acts.

Regarding the acts, it is important to recognize the situations that lead to a  faster orgasm. By recognizing them, you get information that makes your anxiety decrease and consequently, the rapidity of  your orgasm also. Pay attention to your partner, see what she wears at the time, her attitude and administer these findings, that can increase your excitement. See if the place you are at  and the atmosphere, contribute to an increased excitement and do what you can, to achieve a more relaxed situation.

As therapies, today we have many medications that interfere with the ejaculation, being the antidepressants, the most widely used drugs. But also we have the anxiolytics and drugs that improve the quality of penile rigidity, which also interfere, postponing the orgasm.

A major advance in the treatment of premature ejaculation was the discovery of the antidepressant dapoxetine. It must be taken 2 or 3 hours prior intercourse, unlike other antidepressants that need to be administered daily, to delay ejaculation.

Sometimes you need a cocktail of drugs so that we can make our patient delay orgasm, but most of them react very well and feel satisfied with the result. And over time, this cocktail ends up being unnecessary. It´s important to remind you that a sexual relation is an aerobic activity, so be prepared, mainteining frequent physic activities and a healthy lifestyle habits.

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